Netflix previews ‘Drive to Survive’ season 4

Netflix has revealed new footage from the “Drive to Survive” documentary series. The fourth season of the Formula 1 series will be available on the streaming service from March 11th. The intense title fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen will no doubt be highlighted.

“Drive to Survive” is entering its fourth year. The series is set to reach new audiences in Formula 1. Especially in the United States, the series has ensured the increased popularity of Formula 1. So other racing classes are also working on series around their sport. Formula E recently launched its own series called “Unplugged”. A special series is also being considered in IndyCar.

Attention to smaller teams

The documentary series mainly hopes to tell forgotten stories. Of course the top teams are also highlighted, but the focus is on the racing stables below. For example, the series often focuses on smaller teams, which usually don’t get much attention. As a result, the head of the Haas team, Gunther Steiner, became one of the big stars of the early seasons.


The series has been heavily criticized in the past for pointing to a potential 2020 rivalry between Norris and Sainz, who were still McLaren teammates at the time. However, she painted the wrong picture, because the two get along so well. There is a possibility that the fourth edition will paint a similar portrait of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. Verstappen predicts “that will probably be the case on Netflix”. “probably”.

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