Netflix production movie with Will Smith put on the back burner after the Oscar incident | right Now

New action movie production fast and loose, starring Will Smith, was set in the background by Netflix. that reports The Hollywood Reporter Saturday. The decision is said to have been made after Will Smith punched Chris Rock during the Oscars.

It is said that the original reason was the departure of director David Leitch. He gave up the project a week before the Oscars because he couldn’t watch Universal victim With Ryan Gosling to direct. Production for this movie will begin in August, the entertainment site reports.

However, the incident during the Oscars would have made Netflix decide to put the search for a new director in the background. It remains unclear whether the streaming service will continue to produce the film, and if so, whether a new lead actor is being sought as well as a new director.

fast and loose It will be about a criminal who loses his memory after an attack. After he wakes up, he has to put the puzzle pieces from his past back into place. He learns that he has been leading two different lives: that of a wealthy criminal and a CIA agent.

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