Netflix shares the second part of the Harry & Meghan trailer

Streaming service Netflix has shared the trailer for the second part of the documentary Harry and Megan. It remains to be seen what the final three episodes will bring. It is eagerly awaited in the UK, and with expansion to the rest of the world.

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It was all on deck in both Buckingham Palace and the British press when the first three episodes of the documentary aired on Netflix last week. Harry and Megan launched in the world. In the UK, the streaming service has run into problems due to the large number of people trying to watch the documentary at the same time.

Major riots and revelations against the British royal family were expected, but ultimately failed to materialize. Even Buckingham Palace decided not to communicate, while according to the British press they were ready to do so. But now it remains to be seen if this will also be the case for the second part of the documentary.

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Episodes 4, 5, and 6 will be released on Netflix on December 15th. The streaming service has now also released the trailer for this sequel. The first three episodes are already available.


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