Netflix suddenly adds Dutch cat animation to its best ‘The Sandman’ series

Hesco Holsing From Amsterdam, an episode of the new Netflix series hypnotic created. Friday morning at 9 a.m. Netflix has put online as a perk for fans of the fantasy series that has been watched by millions around the world since August 5. according to The Economist Netflix rarely spends its money better. This is special A dream of a thousand cats Animation and all other live episodes of the series, with real actors.

Hulsing is famous for anime series such as undone On Amazon Prime, the documentary mounting or heck About pop star Kurt Cobain. He once did a comic about Gustav and Alma Mahler Norwegian Refugee Council.

Series hypnotic Based on a 75-part comic series by English author Neil Gaiman. It’s about a kind of god called the dream of Morpheus who makes people dream and can access those dreams. The stories take place in the realms of sleep and wakefulness and in the realm of the gods like a dream.

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the ring A dream of a thousand cats It plays with the question: What would our relationships be like if humans were small and cats were big. And are cats really satisfied with the current balance of power?

Netflix had her undone saw and liked it scrap, an earlier work of his, says Hulsing. So they came to him. hypnotic He knew little of the past. „I have bought once from Lambic comic shop, about twenty years ago.” Based on a screenplay by showrunner Alan Heiberg, made a short example of animation, with music and everything.” I received minimal feedback from Netflix. Since then I haven’t had much to do with the renderer. That was cool, so much freedom.”

top actors

Work with 150 people in 15 minutes of animation. “I manage and design the production. The cats are animated in London by Unbelievable studioswhich also the king lion I worked. In Holland, I work with a team of oil painters who paint backgrounds in my style, and I also repaint cats here. submarine studio. We make line drawings from it and apply shadows and colors so that they work well with the backgrounds.”

What is immediately noticeable is that the cats talk without moving their jaws. “They communicate telepathically,” says Holsing. “Only when meow is lip syncope. It’s risky, and I hope people get along with it. But I definitely didn’t want to make cats anthropomorphic. For the story, they had to be real cats.” The voices were provided by leading actors, including Michael Sheen, Sandra Oh, David Tennant and James McAvoy. Writer Neil Gaiman himself voices the crow.

Hulsing didn’t think of photographing live cats and then turning them into moving pictures using the rotoscope technology. This way he has serial undone It was made by actor Bob Odenkirk.The best of Saul on demand) plays an important role. “in undone There was one scene with a cat who had to jump on a table. I thought it would be done in a minute, but filming took two days.” People at A dream of a thousand cats It is an animation based on a rotoscope.

Hulsing says that A dream of a thousand cats The best movie he’s ever made. “Normally there is always pressure due to budget and deadlines, so make compromises. But for hypnotic I have a very generous budget. I also didn’t have to spend a lot of time discussing additional expenses, like adjusting the background for the second or third time. After an email I got permission immediately. This allowed me to make adjustments on all fronts for much longer. I always strive for perfection, but here I can really achieve it for the first time.”

hypnoticEpisode 11 of the first season consists of two parts: A dream of a thousand cats And the Calliope (Both about 15 minutes), from 8/19, 9 p.m. on Netflix. inl:

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