Netflix tests games on TV: control via iPhone

Netflix is ​​already offering a growing selection of games on smartphones. On Android and iOS, these games are free to download, but can only be played with an active Netflix subscription. These can be expanded upon by games that can be played on a TV, as the programming code in Netflix’s iOS app reveals. that reports bloomberg.

The programming code contains parts that make it possible to use the Netflix app on the iPhone as a controller. Leave Netflix newly It already knows that it wants to offer games on every device that has Netflix in the long term. The company wants to do this by streaming: the games are then installed on a powerful server, and the images are broadcasted to the player.

The range of games is growing exponentially

The smartphone can then be used as a console, so that people without a game console and other gaming accessories can still play games on the TV. There are already other services that offer game streaming, such as Xbox Game Pass And Nvidia GeForce Now. With over 200 million subscribers, Netflix is ​​going to attract the largest potential audience at one time.

Netflix started offering games on smartphones in 2021 that subscribers can play. Netflix now has 55 of those mobile games: both purchased and made-for-Netflix games, like the Dutch-made game about the bread series Nailed It.

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