Netflix Tests the Top 50, or is this an improvement?

Netflix is ​​testing

With the Top 50 you get a great overview of the results on Netflix, but is that an improvement?

If you open Netflix on your smartphone or TV, you’ll see top 10. These are the best local movies, series and documentaries that are scoring points in your area at that moment. In our case, the Netherlands. Netflix is ​​currently testing a feature that may replace the top 10.

Instead of the top ten list, Netflix is ​​currently testing the 50 best companies. It’s cool, because as the top 10 can still be eliminated on the overview, it’s almost impossible with the top 50. At the same time, we have to say that the US Broadcasting Service is currently testing this feature. So there is no guarantee that the overview will actually be fixed.

The Top 50 on Netflix will distinguish between movies and series. The reason Netflix is ​​playing with this idea is to offer better subscribers. Viewers often have no idea what movie or series to watch. With the Top 50, you can watch a wide variety of movies and series that are popular at that time. The participants selected for the test live in Canada and the United Kingdom, among others. (Across Tab)

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