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Wow wow wow, thank you for taking the time on this festive day to check out the numbers 10 to 1 from our Top 50 Netflix. But aren’t these movies and series worth it? Anyway, by now you are of course very curious about which Netflix title will end up in roses! The golden medal! Champagne shower!

something for everyone

Before we get to the numero uno, first the series and movies that didn’t make it… the last season of After Life for example, season 5 of The Crown, From Scratch, Inventing Anna and The Sandman, all titles that did great on your favorite streaming service We have it all the time. And What About Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey, a documentary that exposes abuse (with exclamation point) within the FLDS Church in the United States. It’s totally weird, but before you put it down today… If you don’t want to choke on your Olibolk, you might want to leave it alone for a while.

Dance with your hands

Wednesday after that, The Addams Family Returns. “I’ll dance, dance, dance / With my hands, my hands, my hands / Over my head, my head, my head” You may have seen it on the social medium TikTok (or not, of course), but the series on Netflix, originating from the genius mind of Tim Burton, is definitely worth a watch.

Flight 828 and Jeffrey Dahmer

However, Flowers are in the top three, with Manifest in third place. Flight 828 is back on the radar again in 2022, for Season 4 Part 1. However, the story isn’t over yet, because the second part of the series’ final season won’t premiere until early 2023. However, that show (ha-ha) flies with Hideaway 3! And in second place we find Dahmer (or … Dahmer – The Beast: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer or The Beast: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer – Dahmer – Dahmer, what a title …). This Netflix series about one of the most notorious serial killers in the United States catapulted him to the number one spot on the Netflix top list, where Dahmer lived for a very long time. There will also be a “second season,” sort of, telling a new story about another the killer.


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In the first place, and you probably already guessed it: Stranger Things season 4. Do we need to say anything more about that? Oh no? Or just maybe: when is the fifth and final season coming out? Make that bite! And a little fast! Or especially good!

10. hereafter (season 3)

9. the crown (season 5)

8. from scratch

7. Anna’s invention

6. hypnotist

5. Keep sweet: pray and obey

4. Wednesday

3. statment

2. Dahmer

1. Weird things (season 4)

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