Netflix USA Show in Netherlands in 4 Steps

This way, you can access tons of other movies and series on Netflix in a few simple steps.

Netflix is ​​a great streaming service in the Netherlands. Compared to recent years, the range has improved significantly. However, compare it to the offers available in the US and we still have a lot to learn here. It is a question of rights, among other things. The scene here will not be as big as it is in the United States. Netflix It won’t give you access to the American show, but luckily you can perform on your own. Follow these steps and you will have direct access to American Netflix, from home or from your mobile phone on your smartphone or tablet.

1. VPN

The first step is to organize a VPN. This is an internet connection that can simulate another website. This is how your computer thinks you are in the United States in this case. For this example, we are using PureVPN. This global service is affordable and easy to use.

2. The application

For this app we are using the PureVPN Mac extension. Log in with your account (or try the service free for 7 days) and you are good to go. You also have extensions for Windows, Chrome, and Firefox that you can name as you wish.

3. Choose a site

Then choose the United States as the location and log in. Once connected, open Netflix. In our case, Chrome is on the Mac.

Just watch Netflix

You can be that simple. Connecting to the United States gives you direct access to the United States Library. You do not need to adjust any settings in Netflix. And don’t worry: touch PureVPN Fast enough to watch HD movies and series.

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