Netflix wants to end account sharing outside of households

US streaming giant Netflix announced, on Wednesday, that it will launch a beta version in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru that will require users who share the password outside their homes to pay additional amounts.

It comes at a monthly surcharge of between 2 and 3 euros. This allows these users to add one or two accounts outside their family to their profile.

“We’ve always made it easy for people who live together to share their accounts with separate profiles and simultaneous streaming options,” wrote Chengyi Long, director of innovation at Netflix.

Although these features are very common, they have also caused confusion about how and when to share Netflix. As a result, accounts are shared by different families. This affects our ability to invest in high-quality series and movies for our members.


In addition, Netflix will also roll out a service in the three test countries that will supposedly allow you to transfer a profile to a new account. In this way, the streaming giant hopes to encourage people who are still sharing an account to start their own.

Last year, Netflix already tested a mechanism to discourage password sharing. Then certain users were shown a warning message and they had to verify that the user actually lives in the same place as the account owner.

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