Netflix will lose a lot because of the disappearance of the series

Netflix may lose a lot of subscribers due to the disappearance of a popular series.

It doesn’t look easy on Netflix. The Guardian wrote that if it continues like this, the streaming service could lose up to 750,000 subscribers in the UK.

We all knew, of course, that Netflix couldn’t grow forever. Where the streaming service had previously done well with material from other companies, they have now all started their own streaming services. With disastrous consequences for Netflix.

Fewer subscribers
Netflix seemed to dampen expectations significantly last week. The company expects to post the lowest growth rate since 2010, globally this quarter, due to more and more chains disappearing.

In the UK, Netflix lost five popular series to Disney +, including modern family And How did you meet your mother† Here in the Netherlands, these series are already on The Mouse House streaming service.

Analysts estimate that Netflix could lose up to 750,000 subscribers in the UK as a result of the series’ disappearance.

Currently, Netflix remains the largest in the country, with 14 million subscribers at the end of last year. Prime Video is in second place with 12.3 million subscribers and Disney+ is in third place with 4.7 million subscribers.

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