Netflix will now handle account sharing in the Netherlands

Sharing a streaming service account is popular among many people. Netflix wants to charge extra money for it and now it’s Holland’s turn. You have to pay much more than that.

It’s on many people’s minds: when will Netflix charge extra money for password sharing? To get straight to the point: This is from now on.

Pay to share Netflix

Netflix is ​​now rolling out payment for account sharing. As of now, subscribers in eight different countries will have to pay an additional fee. It initially had members in Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Peru, Portugal and Spain. Now Australia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Israel, Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom, and unfortunately the Netherlands have been added.

Actually, it’s not crazy. The terms and conditions of many streaming services state that sharing an account is not allowed. However, many of these companies let this happen, because they were primarily focused on growth. Since Netflix’s income has been under pressure, the streaming service has decided to take measures.

Netflix is ​​currently the only streaming service that does this, but you shouldn’t be surprised if other services like HBO Max and Disney+ follow suit. These firms are likely to keep an eye on developments in the N corporation. If this generates more income because people are willing to pay more, then it is likely that others will as well.

This is how it works

When you share an account, Netflix will send you an email. In it, the company makes it clear that membership is for one family only. It then gives two choices to the members to make.

Share a Netflix account
The email you can expect. (photo: Netflix)

First of all, it is possible to transfer a profile to a new account. As a result, that user owns their own membership, rather than sharing it.

As a second option, payment can be made to add an additional user to the account. The latter option is cheaper, especially if you have a more expensive subscription.

To add a person to your account, you will pay €3.99 per month in the Netherlands.

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From now on, you will pay to share your Netflix account

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