Netflix will release the action sci-fi thriller Oxygen: Locked in Space on May 12

Fans of psychological thriller films can look forward to a new Netflix Original. Director Alexander Aja, known for various horror movies, has made a new horror movie on Netflix.

Starting May 12, you can watch a sci-fi thriller and scare indoor movie on Netflix. French director Alexandre Aja, known among others The hills have eyes, horns at crawling Making a new movie for the streaming service.

Buried x 28 days later

at Oxygen The character, played by Melanie Laurent, wakes up in a cooled capsule in space. She does not know how the capsule got in or how it got out. The text is mentioned immediately buried at Brakes. Two films in which the main characters were respectively locked into a chest and trunk. at Oxygen The main character must escape the cool box before running out of oxygen. If the trailer is to be believed, the movie is exciting.

In addition to the comparison with Buried, Aja also promises to transform the apocalypse as in After 28 days. Exactly what to expect remains a mystery. The movie will air on Netflix in May.

Oxygen It can be watched on Netflix starting May 12.

Check out the trailer

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