Netflix will soon force members to pay a lot of money for ‘viewers’

Soon your free password sharing will expire.

For some time now, Netflix has been dealing with the issue of account password sharing in its earnings. Sharing passwords is of course very useful for users, but for Netflix it has negative consequences for the amount that appears at the bottom of the line.

In the US, the phenomenon of sharing passwords will soon be over. At the beginning of this year, Netflix tested the so-called “paid account sharing” in four countries, and they are very satisfied with the results.

100 million password participants

The problem concerns a large portion of Netflix users. There are more than 230 million users worldwide, and more than 100 million of them share their passwords with others, according to figures shared by the streaming service.


In the new rules, the account will be seen as a family. Users of the same account who do not belong to the same household will have to pay an additional amount.

Aside from the specifics, in practice it comes down to this: If you share your password, in any way, you have to pay extra, whether it is done by the person themselves or by the person using the account.

In the Netherlands too?

The new policy will be implemented in the vast majority of countries. It is not yet known if the Netherlands will be involved in this matter, but it will certainly happen in time. So password sharers can take advantage of the feature for a while.

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