Netflix will soon let you listen to movies and series

Netflix is ​​listening to content

In version 7.79.1 of the Netflix app XDA I found evidence of a new feature the company is working on: listening to movies and series in the background. This feature can come in handy when you can’t stare at your phone screen for a while, but you also don’t want to get out of the interesting story of that exciting series.

> New movies and series on Netflix

You can think of it as listening to a Netflix series as listening to a podcast. You can then focus on what you’re doing while listening to your favorite series. This feature is also useful for Netflix subscribers who do not have a large data package at their disposal. Without photos, they can save valuable mobile data. In addition, turning off the video playback also has a beneficial effect on battery life.

XDA found the following in the code for the new version of the Netflix app:

– The video is off, but you can continue to listen to your show while you’re busy doing other things.

– Save your data by pausing the video and listening to your favorite shows.


As is usually the case with features under test, it’s not clear when Netflix plans to roll them out to all users. What do you think of this opportunity? Will you use it and in what cases will it be useful? Let us know in the comments below this article.



Netflix is ​​a video streaming service that was launched in the Netherlands in September 2013. This makes it possible to watch unlimited movies and series on the smartphone and…

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