Netflix will spend 14 billion euros on original content

The Netflix streaming service is not fixed. To remain relevant in the ever-growing world of broadcasting, it has 14 billion euros for original content.

With 200 million subscribers Netflix The largest broadcast service in the world. Kidnappers on the coast are like Disney + growing However, HBO Max is pushing the company forward. The more services, the more time Netflix will spend. This is exactly what the US Broadcasting Service wants to prevent.

The lowest growth in subscribers

The shutdowns in the past year have seen a marked increase in Netflix subscribers. But now that vaccinations are in full swing around the world, people are again spending less time in front of the TV or computer. According to the American news site Hey ho! As a result, the streaming service recorded the lowest rate of subscriber growth in the first quarter since 2013. Due to intense in-stream competition and low worldwide shutdowns, Netflix must take the initiative to remain the dominant player.

9 billion euros in 2020

So investing 14 billion euros in original content is the first step, according to an American magazine diverse. The amount is very high in part because not much can be withdrawn due to closures last year. Thus, the 14 billion euros invested now is relatively more than the 9 billion euros in 2020.

The contract met Sony

With a string like BridgertonAnd the Weird things On the crown Netflix has a lot of blockbuster movies. Unlike competition, what it lacks is the intellectual property of the big franchises. Disney + takes the cake here with Marvel and star Wars. Netflix has signed a contract for Sony films, But now mainly hoping for blockbuster movies in the direction of King tiger From Queen’s gambit.

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