Netflix’s impact is being felt in the US: Most visitors to COTA ever

Last weekend saw the US Grand Prix and Formula 1 appears to be more popular than ever in the US. With 400,000 spectators over three days, this is the most-attended Grand Prix ever, according to reports new. And that’s partly due to Netflix, says McLaren CEO Zach Brown, and Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff.

Before this weekend, the British Grand Prix of 2019 was the most visited Grand Prix of all time. In that time, 351,000 spectators attended the race at Silverstone. The Americans became so passionate about the sport that they flocked to the event en masse. Brown says Netflix did an excellent job on the documentary campaign to survive. “The series has got a bunch of young people excited about the sport. Netflix has accomplished something that Formula 1 could never have.”

Wolf: I thought it would distract them

Wolf is also excited about the series and the height involved, even if that wasn’t the case at first. He predicted that it would be negative to allow documentary filmmakers to work on his team. “I thought it would distract my mechanic, but I was wrong. It’s a wow. It’s the most watched series on Netflix and you can tell from the fan reactions, especially here in the States.

Verstappen not seen in Drive to Survive

Despite the success of the Netflix series campaign to survive Not everyone is excited about it. Max Verstappen does not wish to appear in the series again. He believes the series paints an unrealistic picture of the sport and refuses to cooperate. Other teams and drivers will be seen. Early next year, the fourth season of campaign to survive It can be seen.

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