Netherlands With No Less Than 35 Athletes In The European Indoor Championships In Poland | Currently

The team that sends the Athletics Federation to the European Indoor Championships in Toru, Poland, consists of no fewer than 35 athletes: seventeen women and eighteen men.

The Netherlands has also received invitations for 4x400m relay teams. The title battle begins on the evening of Thursday, March 4, and ends on the evening of Sunday, March 7.

The world’s top two players, Daphne Schippers and Sevan Hasan, are missing from selection. The tournament does not match their preparations for the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

According to technical director Ad Roskam, the Dutch athletes showed themselves in great shape during an indoor NK at Omnisport Apeldoorn last weekend. “It quickly became apparent that the Torun team would be unprecedented.”

“The size of the team is never a goal, and most importantly there is a lot of quality and a lot of new faces,” said Roskam. “We can expect a lot of finals as we are competing seriously on the podium.”

He points to Vimkei Ball, among others, who set the Dutch 400m record for the fourth time in NK and is the fastest in Europe this season. Nadine Visser has a good chance of extending her European title in the 60m hurdles.

Moreover, Joris Van Gaul (60 m), Lake Claver (400 m). Liemarvin Bonevacia (400 meters), Tony van Diepen (400 meters), Mike Foppen (3,000 meters) and Maureen Koster (3,000 meters) are medal candidates.

Choose the Dutch European Championship

  • Women: Jamil Samuel, Naomi Sydney (60 meters), Fimkey Ball, Lake Claver, Lisan de Witt (400 meters), Brett Aumels, Brigi Slot, Susan Forbes (800 meters), Jeep Fastenburg, Maureen Koster (3000 meters), Nadine Veser, Zoe Sidney (60m hurdles), Jessica Schilder (Shot), Nadine Breuersen (Overall), Marit Doved, Evelyn Saalberg, Andrea Puma (4 x 400m relay)
  • Men: Joris Van Gaul, Raphael Pogo (60 meters), Limarfen Bonifacia, Joshem Dober, Tony Van Depen (400 meters), Thegmen Coopers, Djoua Lobles, Juergen Willart (800 meters), Bram Andresen, Mehdi Abdi Ali, Valentgen Weinan ( 1500m, Mike Faubin (3000m), Queen Smit (60m hurdles), Mino Flown (Pole Vault), Peter Brown, Rick Tam (inclusive), Angela Ramsey, Knot Wardenburg (4 x 400m relay)
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