Never appeared: The Liverpool player scores three own goals in an international match against the United States Sports

VideoMikaela Moore played her 50th cap for New Zealand on Sunday night, but for the 25-year-old defender from Liverpool, it’s a game that is quickly forgotten. She scored no less than three goals in the first half, so that the United States won the world champions 5-0 in the end.

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New Zealand played Sunday night in Carson Los Angeles against world champions the United States in the Sheppells Cup, an annual tournament involving four national teams in women’s soccer. The evening began dramatically for Moore. After 4 minutes and 12 seconds of play, she scored her first goal by passing the ball into the right-hand goal at the far post.

When there were 5 minutes and 32 seconds on the clock (after eighty counts), an error occurred again for Moore. This time the ball headed past her goalkeeper. Half an hour later, Moore also made it 3-0 to Team USA, this time by firing the ball into his left side’s goal in a very clumsy fashion. Moore’s “perfect trilogy”, but unfortunately on his own.


Everyone who plays football plays good and bad matches, regardless of your level. Moore was having a rough day now.

Jitka Klimkova, New Zealand coach

In the 40th minute, four minutes after her third own goal, Moore came out of her misery and was replaced by national team coach Gitka Klimkova. Moore left the field in tears, but was comforted by her teammates. Everyone who plays football plays good and bad matches no matter your level. “Moore’s day was a rough day now,” Klimkova said. “It’s very frustrating and sad, but we support it.”

Goalkeeper Erin Nayler tries to comfort Michaela Moore after her third own goal. © AP

© AP

Six minutes into the first half, Team USA pulled off a 4-0 lead, this time with a goal from American forward Ashley Hatch. In injury time, Mallory Pugh made it 5-0 on behalf of the United States who beat Orange in the World Cup Final in Lyon in the summer of 2019.

Moore has been playing in Europe since 2017. After stints with FC Köln and MSV Duisburg, she is now entering her third season with Liverpool, playing in the FA Women’s Championship, the second tier of English women’s football. Moore also scored three times in the right goal for… in the previous 49 international matches football fernalso nicknamed the New Zealand women’s team.

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