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Consultation between the coalition after the opposition parties’ interventions on the draft agreement. (Photos: Chris de Ward).

The three parties that will form the new coalition in Augustgest have announced their candidates for the House of Representatives. For Progressive Oegstgeest, this is former party leader Tim van Tongeren, D66 puts current party leader Elfred Bus ahead and for Hart voor Oegstgeest councilman Dick de Groot becomes alderman.

Van Tongeren will be responsible for the social policy and sustainability portfolio. In addition to sustainability, this also includes energy transition, inclusion, youth care, social support, education, participation, social affairs, employment, sports, leisure, and refugees.

Bus became a local council member for Spatial Planning and Housing. So the D66 member also deals with waste policy and public space management and maintenance, including the headache file MJOP (Multi-Year Maintenance Plan). Animal welfare, economics, green policy, spatial planning and the introduction of environmental law are also part of his policy area.

Hart voor Oegstgeest provides alderman for finance and administration with Dick de Groot. This also includes commercial operations, citizen participation and culture, and the preservation of antiquities and cultural heritage. It also deals with land issues, land use and social real estate including educational housing, district affairs, traffic and mobility.

Emil Jansch has the usual intentional portfolio of communications, information, services, integrated enforcement, integrity, public order, safety, personnel, organization, representation, and external relations.

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