New and returning formats at the TeamNL Rowing European Championships selection

TeamNL Rowing recovers from trials in Italy and enters the next phase of the season: an altitude training course in Obertron, followed by the European Championships in Bled.

Eleven teams – in new and returning formations – are at the start in Bled, so the staff, coaches and head coach Eelco Meenhorst decided.

TeamNL Women’s Rowing Teams

European and world champion in single sculls Caroline Florijn will defend her titles this season. An even bigger challenge for the latter is Emma Twigg: New Zealand’s Olympic champion and vice world champion. Of course, they will not meet each other in the European Championship yet. Just two months before the World Cup – we have that chance during the Royal Holland Cup in our own Bospan.

Veronique Meester and Ymkje Clevering continue without a couple. Bronze at the European Championships in Munich and silver at the World Championships in Races. No change for Laila Yousifo and Roos de Jong: They continue together in the double sculls. At the last European and World Championships, both power doubles started in two boat numbers: in addition to the double, in the eight. That will not be the case at the next European Championship. The women’s eight is not set.

Silver World Cup Coxless will also be joined by Bente Boonstra, Hermijndje Trent, Dinka Ofrins and Marlos Oldenburg. After fracturing his cervical spine six months ago, Marlos traveled to his first races in Bitilukou and can now show what he is worth with his team at the European Championships. The women’s double sculls starts in a new formation with Lisa Scheinard, Tessa Dalmans, Ilse Kolkmann and former Light Rover Martin Welthuis.

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TeamNL Rowing Men’s Teams

After a season in the single sculls – with gold at the European Championships and silver at the World Cup – Melvin Twellar returns to the double sculls with Steph Broning. With this, the Olympic silver pair Broninck-Tweller continues a new chapter.

With the return of Olympic champions Koen Metzmeachers and Don Wheaton, the double four has also been reformed. Coen, Doan and Simon van Dorp round out the top three. The last place will be a battle between Finn Florigin and Lennard van Lierop in Bitilukou. However, illness prevented Lennard from rowing. After good results in Italy, the Finn will start in double four. After Melvin’s strong performance in the single scull trials, Lennard will take Melvin’s place in the single scull.

There are more changes in the men’s eight: five stages have a different name compared to the silver World Cup line-up. Batsman Guillaume Gromenhoek has been injured so far, as has Abe Wiersma. Both are fit enough to start and line up at Bled without a pair. Guus Mollee switches to men’s coxless, which also includes Nelson Ritsema and TeamNL newcomers Olav Molenaar and Gert-Jan van Doorn. Mick Maker, Jacob van de Kerkhof, Nicky van Sprang and vice Duke Fetter return to the eight. They were completed by Jan van der Bij and last season’s full men’s coxless: Rick and Ralf Riencks, Sander de Graaf and Ruben Knapp.

Teams towards the European Championships in Bled so far. The rowers leave for Obertraun on Monday 17 April for three weeks. It is the first of two high-altitude training courses ahead of the 2023 Olympics.

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EC groups

group Names
W1x The girls are skating Caroline Florin
M1x Men skate Leonard von Lierop
W2- Women without two Veronique Meester and Ymkje Clevering
M2- Men without two Guillaume Krommenhoek and Abe Wiersma
W2x Double skulls of women Laila Yousifo and Roos de Jong
M2x Men have double skulls Stef Broninck and Melvin Tweller
W4- Four absent women Benthe Boonstra, Hermijntje Drenth, Tinka Offereins and Marloes Oldenburg
M4- Men without four Nelson Ritsema, Gus Molly, Olav Molenaar, and Gert-Jan van Doorn
W4x Women’s doubles Lisa Sheinard, Tessa Dalmans, Ilse Kolkman, and Martin Welthuis
M4x Men’s Doubles Coen Metschemakers, Don Wheaton, Simon van Dorp and Finn Florian
M8+ Eight men Duke Fetter, Jan van der Bij, Jacob van de Kerkhof, Niki van Sprang, Mick Maker, Reuben Knapp, Rick Rienks, Ralf Rienks and Sander de Graaf.
Balance William Mulder

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