New Battlefield 2042 Specialists and Customizations Revealed

In Battlefield 2042, players can work with a total of ten different specialists. Each specialist has his own unique skills and equipment. Five was already available in beta.

After the beta release, DICE will make a lot of changes. The number of tanks on Orbital will be increased from four to eight on Xbox Series X, S, PlayStation 5, and PC. Some changes will be made to the movement, there will be a grenade indicator and the doors will be fixed on the map. The beta was an outdated version of the game from August, so it didn’t always run smoothly. When the game is completely over, these issues should be resolved.

Servers are still being taken care of. During the beta version, it often happened that the game had too many bots. Also, players are often thrown into servers outside their region, which leads to increased latency. DICE is aware of these issues and hopes to resolve them before launch.

The user interface is also adapted. Due to bugs in the first version, many of its features were disabled. Among other things, a “big map” option will be added in the full game. At the touch of a button, players are presented with a large map showing battles, team members, and flag distribution. With “Commorose”, players will be able to communicate with their teammates at the touch of a button. In addition, work is underway on the compass, ping system and other HUD elements.

Many players had trouble distinguishing between teammates and enemies in the beta version. So the lighting has been tweaked a bit in the full game. Enemies located within ten meters of the player also receive a token over their heads. The icons above his teammates within 40 meters were no longer blocked by the walls. All these modifications should make the difference between enemies and colleagues even greater.

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Cross-play was already there, but there were still a few hurdles. For example, it was not possible to form a band with friends on other platforms. This functionality is present in the full game. Players have also complained that the aim assist on the console is too low. This will be modified to make the game more familiar to Battlefield veterans.

All changes can be read in the DICE blog. Hazard Zone is a brand new game mode in Battlefield 2042. Read more about it Here.

Battlefield 2042 will release on November 19 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, S, Xbox One, and PC.

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