New ‘dating offer’ helps young people search for contraception | Turns out

Introduction Klokhuis Eva Cleven introduces a new educational series on contraception. The Free Safe Dating Offer It is an initiative of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports and the Sexual Health Center.

The six-part series is set up as a dating show, but instead of talking to potential partners, the posts talk with one of the contraceptives. Various contraceptives, such as the contraceptive pill and condoms, are discussed, but also less popular methods such as the contraceptive patch or female condom. Participants are young people who also receive questions from Cleven about their past experiences with the contraceptive.

Many young people know how to prevent unintended pregnancy and STIs. But not everyone knows what the best method of contraception is for him or her or where we can find all the information, ”says Secretary of State Paul Blochuis (VWS) about the online series. Free Safe Dating Offer Show them the way.

to Free Safe Dating Offer It can be seen on YouTube and on the series website of the same name.

Listen to the Media Podcast here:

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