New England Patriots’ Cam Newton leaves after trumpet loss

Foxford, Mass. – Cam Newton His first year with the New England Patriots has hit mostly a positive one, but after another disgusting performance, the loss to the Buffalo Bills dragged him into the middle of the third quarter, when he was out.

Newton was asked about a graphic on ESPN’s Monday Night football broadcast that showed him waking up at 4:20 a.m. every day, leaving his home at 4:30 and not resting until 11:30 p.m.

“This is my schedule for 90 percent of the time I’ve been here, so you can understand the frustration I felt when I had no effect because I’m sacrificing so much. You ‘re talking about a person who has not seen his children in three months,” Newton said.

“Obviously, the deal is that submitting myself to this team has been something I’ve been doing since day one. Being approachable. Yeah, it’s frustrating, it makes you freak out.”

Newton is playing with a minimum base salary of $ 1.05 million on a one-year contract. The deal includes offers and bonuses that will eventually increase its value by about 6 2.6 million.

On Monday night against the Pills, he passed 5-for-10 for 34 yards, while adding four russes for 24 yards, including a 9-yard touchdown in a rolling play.

With 8 minutes and 21 seconds left in the third quarter, coach Bill Belichick pulled him in, leading the bills 31-9.

“The game did a good job for us, I mean, it’s not a problem,” Belich said of the decision to return to second – year quarterback. Jared Stidham. “We’re not very competitive in the game.”

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Honestly for Newton, he threw a perfect downline strike to the wide receiver Tamier Byrd In the first drive of the game abandoned byrd. The play illustrates how the Patriots’ problems go far beyond Newton, as their wide sizes and tight ends across the NFL this season have been extremely productive.

But Newton also agreed that he could play better.

“It’s so frustrating, knowing what you can do, trusting yourself. It doesn’t show when you count too much,” he said.

Belichick said he has not finalized his quarterback plans for Sunday’s season final against the visiting New York Jets.

Commenting on Belich’s support for this position, Newton said: “The feeling is mutual. Every week I will get better. Last week I will be comfortable with this crime. Let’s see where I can get it.”

But his frustration became apparent late Monday night.

“As a trusted team player you first submit to power and knowing that coaches have to submit to what they ask you to do makes me angry. I feel like I did it. I’m not going to blame more or less now. I sacrificed a lot, “he said.

“I mean, when you go out tonight, it hurts after you go home, and then start it for a whole week.”

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