New episode of De Bureau Sport Podcast: About Matthew, Lewis, Qatar and the anxiety of hockey

The Dutch women’s hockey team played two internationals against the United States this weekend, but that wasn’t the main topic of conversation. This weekend, it was mainly about the culture of fear in top hockey, which was published in a critical report last week. Sports Bureau called Kim Lammers. On the podcast, I talked about the hard side of top sport and culture in the world of hockey. In addition, the gentlemen also philosophize with her about the differences between generations and how the current generation can have different wants and needs than the generation of which she was a part.

But that’s not all, of course. In this way, attention is also paid to the best and worst sports news of the weekend. For Matthew van der Poel and Tadej Pogacar, there’s a song of praise, and for national coach Louis van Gaal, there’s heart under the belt.

PSV goalkeeper Joel Drumel seems to have learned how to play football, and may have forgotten about goalkeeping from a very special coach. In this episode of Bureau Sport you will find out who it was. A critical note to watch is about Ronald de Boer and Clarence Seedorf, who spoke this week about the way the Netherlands views the World Cup in Qatar. Hear why the latter isn’t Erik Dijkstra’s favorite columnist on a brand new episode of Bureau Sport: now in your podcast app!

Listen below:

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