May 25, 2024


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New fare for bus: Passengers pay only per kilometer operated

New fare for bus: Passengers pay only per kilometer operated

The downside of bus subscriptions is that if you are unwell, for example, if you do not travel by bus, you will have to pay a fare. It ends with the new system. The bus subscription is used extensively by students. They need to consider whether a subscription is worthwhile each time, for example, if they are on vacation during the month or if they are doing an internship elsewhere.

We became the first region in the Netherlands to launch this new travel product. “

Deputy Harry van der Moss

Geeland Wurdeal eliminates this shortcoming because someone only pays for the kilometers they run. Students also get a 10 percent discount. From May 2, passengers will pay a maximum of 130 euros per month, so students will pay 117 euros due to the discount. In addition, discounts are accumulated; The more a person travels by bus, the more discounts are available. In addition, subscribers are no longer restricted to fixed zones. With the new system you can travel all over Zealand.

Zoland has the scoop

The province of Geland and the Connexion makes it easy to travel by bus using the new system, so it is very attractive. According to Harry van der Moss, vice president of mobility, Scoop is in Zeeland. “We are the first region in the Netherlands to introduce this new travel product. I’m glad to have it. With ‘Zeland Woordeal’, traveling by bus can be so fascinating!”

There will be a monthly charge for persons traveling with the Geeland Woordeel. The balance on the OV chip card is no longer required, but after May 2 the chip card will be active and it will be possible to travel without subscription.

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