New Fighttribe platform should stimulate youth fighting spirit | sport

Due to the Coronavirus, Reijken and Fahimi have had more time for other projects this year. Hence, directors of the communication and creativity agency Home of the Brave were able to shake off the flick of an old idea. In 2019, they devised a campaign for martial arts organization Bellator to promote the organization’s Dutch fighters in their country and abroad. The project stalled, but the seed was planted to start its own fighting spirit program.

“As a company, we work a lot with brands that want to reach young people. What we experience regularly is that Generation Z has a lot of dreams, but sometimes lacks a fighting spirit. Nowadays, almost everything is there to take it, but nobody really wants to fight from With Fighttribe, we’ve created a platform that should inspire people to fight for the things they want in life, ”Fahimi explains.

He speaks from his own experience, because when he was a boy Fahimi came with his family from Iran to the Netherlands to build a better future. It worked with hard work. “We have translated the standards and values ​​that apply within our company and our lives into Fighttribe. These rules and values ​​are reflected, among other things, in interviews with people who have demonstrated that they have a fighting spirit. The media often relates only to success stories, but the path to success is interesting. Reading about the obstacles someone has to overcome to get to somewhere can be inspiring. If someone else could do it, why couldn’t you? We want to reflect this mentality on the stage. “

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