New flavors and more space in Puro: “About fifteen extra flavors of ice cream”

EDE When the whole Netherlands was still on the ice rink in February of this year, Rick Janssen and his team from Puro Gelato & Caffè really saw the nice weather coming. Fortunately, the renovation of the 23 Maanderpoort ice cream parlor in Ede has already been completed. This way, the Puro team was able to quickly set up the shop to enjoy the good weather and their beloved careers early in the year.

Ted Walker’s door

“Those February days were really a gift,” says Puro owner Rick. “The renovation was completed on time in this regard. What’s new? We were able to move into the building. We now also make pastries in this section. I say“ we, ”but this is what Hans Spitzbard, our pastry chef does. I’m happy Very much in it and the addition to Puro. Rick says he really makes the most beautiful ice cream cakes.

As the salon expands, the display box in which all flavors of ice cream is represented has also been enlarged. Did you add flavors? Rick replies “Yes.” “Half of the space we had was added. This gives room for more flavors but also for additional staff. In practice, this means people spend less time in line with each other on busy days. I’m very happy with that.”

Creativity The larger display case provides space for about 15 additional flavors of ice cream compared to last year. “We are now working with about fifty flavors,” says Rick. “What flavors have been added? For example pistachios, almonds, lemons, white chocolate with caramel, peanuts and mint. Additionally, we now have space to create more unique flavors like pomegranate. We have the space to try some special and exotic flavors in addition to our accessible collection. I can use my creativity again and I look forward to it. ”

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Never compromises In the event that there are a lot of changes in the range, the basis remains the same. “The basis is the quality of our raw materials. We will never compromise on that. They are of the best quality. This applies to our ice cream, but also to our pastries and our coffee. This does not mean that we stand idly by. We keep looking for improvements in order to maintain our offer.” At a high level.“Our customers enjoy this, but so do we, ” says Rick Janssen eagerly at the conclusion.

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