New Free Service That Strips Invisible Trackers From Emails

the new Email Protection It is a free mail service, but it is not like Gmail or Outlook. Users get the address, but use it as a stopover for their current address. Emails sent to the duck address are stripped of all invisible trackers and forwarded to the recipient. At the top of the email, you’ll see how many trackers have been removed.

data profiles

With invisible trackers, advertisers can see when emails are opened, where the reader is at that moment and which device the message is opened on. This information is kept in a broader data file for users, which is more valuable the more information it contains.

can contain 70 percent of newsletters hidden trackers.

Newsletters and spam

DuckDuckGo chose this method with a nested address because many people don’t want to switch to an entirely new mail service. For example, the duck address can only be used in newsletters and other places where recipients expect spam, for example.

The service also provides the ability to create disposable addresses. If users are tired of some newsletter, they can block and get rid of this address. This privacy feature is also included in Apple’s iOS 14, if users create a new account somewhere from an Apple device.

More flexible

DuckDuckGo states that its solution is more flexible for users as it works on both Android, Windows and iOS. Apple comes iOS 15 Using a built-in method also strips trackers from users’ emails, but this function only works with Apple devices.

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The DuckDuckGo mail service is provided as an open beta test. Users who wish to participate can sign up via the DuckDuckGo app on Android or iOS. In the settings of this application there is a new button “Email protection” or “Email autofill”. This button allows users to register in the waiting list.

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