New GP and better viewing times

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Better viewing times

United States of America

The first race in America started at 9pm Dutch time and finished about an hour and a half later. The race had an exciting track with Max Verstappen in the final stage who led Lewis Hamilton to victory. Because of the celebration, it will be a little late in many families.


The start time for the Mexican Grand Prix was a little more convenient. At Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, the race started at 1:00 pm local time. Add seven hours to that and the Dutch spectator will be behind the tube at 20:00. Here too, Verstappen’s victory was celebrated after the Red Bull driver took the lead at the start. again a little later.


While racing at the Autódromo José Carlos Pace, the viewing time was again more suitable for the European spectator. With the match starting at 6:00pm, Dutch fans could watch Verstappen’s battle with defending champion Hamilton on the board on their lap. The match ended in a reasonable time.

General Practitioners in the Arabian Peninsula

The weekends where the races are held in Arabia are more suitable for the Dutch spectator. Below is an overview:

  • Qatar GP starts (November 21): 3:00 PM
  • Race start: GP Saudi Arabia (5 December): 17:00
  • Abu Dhabi Grand Prix kick-off (12 December): 14:00

In short: Great times to complete Sunday with Formula 1. Especially with the finale of the title fight between Verstappen and Hamilton. Good start time and enough time to have fun. click Here for an overview of all race times In the Formula 1 calendar.

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Looking back?

Are you unable to watch GPs firsthand or would you rather look back? Of course you can, even if you don’t have an F1 TV Pro subscription. You will then have enough eg a Internet only Subscription. View the latest Formula 1 articles on the news page or visit it YouTube Channel.

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