New GZL Jury Member Kirsten Maes: ‘I’m curious when you sit on the other side of the table’

Since last week it is possible that To submit nominations For the seventeenth edition of Gouden Zandlopers. This year, entries will be judged (jointly) by new jury member Kirsten Maes – who last year placed second in the Young Talent category.

With her honors list, Mais scored high marks with the jury in 2021. The 30-year-old lawyer at Van Benthem & Keulen already had a Ph.D. at the time, and was already working as a university lecturer and researcher at Utrecht University. Her research has also focused on an unexplored area of ​​law: secondary responsibility, where Maes is now seen as an expert.

new body

Maes can now name himself as a jury member for Golden Hourglasses. The Young Talent Candidate did not hesitate when Sdu asked her to do so. “It’s a great honor,” says Maes. “There are people with knowledge and experience on the judging panel and I will also be attending the Awards Ceremony again, which was a great evening last year!”

Maes is curious what it’s like to sit “on the other side of the table.” “As a candidate, of course, you will not see all the submissions. As a member of the jury, I get an insight into developments and initiatives in companies, organizations and offices. This is very interesting in terms of content,” she says.

As the youngest member of the jury, Mace hopes to look at the entries with fresh eyes. “I hope to shed some light on some things, from a new perspective. For example, by taking into account what happens among young lawyers when making judgments. For example, with the New Ethical Standards Award and the Inclusion Award, I can assess topics that are important to the new generation of lawyers.”

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from both sides

As a lawyer and scientist, Mays views the golden hourglass from two sides as a newcomer to the jury. She notes that “last year’s young talent candidates were all lawyers.” “However, I also want to give the awards an academic touch, by also paying attention to talent from science for certain categories this year.”

For the reason above, Maes is eagerly looking forward to one award in particular: the Legal Education and Research Award. This award has been framed in part from a scientific perspective, and I hope the award will open wider doors for academic initiatives. So I am very curious about the requests. There are currently outstanding scientific studies that are important to legal practice. It’s good to pay attention to that, too.”

You can run for the Gouden Zandlopers 2022 in ten jury categories until May 15. go to the For an overview of all awards and nomination forms.

Photo: Roel Dijkstra Photography / Fier Media

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