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In the future Harry Potter-Game Hogwarts Legacy It would be possible to develop a transgender character and reports Bloomberg Tuesday based on unknown sources working on the game. This is amazing because Harry PotterWriter JK Rowling has previously been accused of transphobia.

Upon starting the game, players can create a character with either a male or a female voice, regardless of the shape of the rest of the body.

Then players can choose whether to become a witch or a wizard. This choice determines which dormitory for Hogwarts School of Magic (Hogwarts) will be placed in and how they will be dealt with in the game.

Options like this are not common in games these days, but for one of them they are amazing Harry Potter-Game. Rowling, who was not involved in developing Hogwarts LegacyI was criticized for a while ago for statements she made last summer. “People who menstruate are women,” she wrote on Twitter at the time.

Twitter users accused her of transphobia, because transgender people can also menstruate. Also Harry PotterMovie stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson denounced her remarks.

I tried to make the game as inclusive as possible

Rowling’s comments also upset some people who worked on the game, according to reports Bloomberg. As a result, some members of the development team wanted to make the game as comprehensive as possible. Among other things, he was urged to adapt the characters.

Hogwarts Legacy It is an open world game with role-playing elements set in the world of the Harry Potter character. The game should be playable on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Series X in 2022. The game is being developed by Avalanche Software in cooperation with Portkey Games.

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