New housing construction on schedule at the intersection of Deventerstraat and Laan van Osseveld

by Tim Ols

You may not think of housing construction when you think of this place, and certainly not a notable apartment building just over 30 meters tall. There had never been anything in this area before, but housing plans were already in place. At that time, the zoning plan was not appropriate and there were no houses. It was a long time ago and the demand for affordable housing is very high, so this 63-apartment building is being developed. It’s also good to hear that all of these homes will be rented out within the social rental segment.


A taller building also means higher costs, but that shouldn’t be an issue with this plan. The large planning area provides ample parking space. If this project is developed on a smaller planning area, the costs will be higher. Without this extra space, a parking garage had to be built, as this is not the case due to the extra space. Housing association De Goede Woning is currently reviewing the existing zoning plan. The goal is to preserve the existing green space, including the tree line, as much as possible. When this design is final, further steps can be taken. De Goede Woning hopes to begin construction in 2022.

Check the website for project illustrations.

Tim Ols

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