New information: Lelystad airport cannot be opened without flying low over Zwolle

There is no place within the Netherlands for Lelystad Airport without a low flight path over Zwolle. This is evidenced by the information provided by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management this evening at a meeting with county council members and local representatives from Raalte, Dalfsen and Zwolle.

According to Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, we can really count on them; Low-cost flights to Lelystad Airport will be temporary. She made that commitment in 2018 when she was still Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management. In 2021, it will become clear that there is no place in Dutch airspace for Flevoland Airport, without a low-lying flight path over Zwolle.

To be able to open Lelystad Airport

This is evidenced by the words of John Eckelenstam, Director of the Airspace Audit at the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. This is an interim airspace review necessary to open the airport in Lelystad, before the completion of a major airspace review around 2026/2027. “Our efforts will remain focused on it, but there is certainly no guarantee that it will actually succeed.”

Thus, Zwolle and the area east of Zwolle can count on low-flying aircraft to be part of the future. Eikelenstam also predicts that it will not be possible to fulfill Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen’s promise. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management aims to open Lelystad airport once the nitrogen problem is resolved.

In the last 30 kilometers of this route, the problem of low-flying cannot be solved.

John Ecklinstam, Director of Airspace Audit at the Department of I&W


J├╝rgen Avermatt of Air Traffic Control in the Netherlands admits that flying at low altitude in the direction of Lelystad is not solvable. It is a complex and cross-border problem. “The main problem is that three air traffic controllers are going to have to deal with planes on that route.” For safety reasons and the increased risk of unclear situations, flying low is actually the only solution.

The planes on the low-flying route to Lelystad come over Lemelerveld very low, about three thousand to 1500 metres. This road continues over the northern edge of Zwolle through Stadshagen, Wilsum and Kampen.

Tonight’s information meeting was organized by the County of Overijssel, in cooperation with the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, where members of Parliament and advisors from Zwolle, Dalfsen and Raalty were able to ask questions.

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