New iOS 17.1 Release Candidate for iPhone 15 Models Now Available

Apple has recently released a second release candidate (RC) version of iOS 17.1 exclusively for developers. The RC version is specifically designed for the latest iPhone 15 models and cannot be downloaded on other devices.

Registered developers can access the iOS 17.1 beta by simply toggling on the beta updates option in the Settings app.

One of the exciting features included in iOS 17.1 is the ability to favorite songs, albums, playlists, artists, and more. Favorited content will now be added to the user’s Library and utilized for personalized suggestions. This enhancement is expected to greatly enhance the user experience for Apple music enthusiasts.

Another significant update is the ability to complete AirDrop transfers over the internet without the need for close proximity. This means that users can conveniently share files and other media using AirDrop, even when they’re in different locations.

Apple Watch users running watchOS 10.1 can now utilize NameDrop with an iPhone running iOS 17.1. This allows for seamless integration and improved functionality between these two Apple devices.

iOS 17.1 also includes a couple of noteworthy additions. Non-iPhone 15 Pro models will now have a flashlight indicator in the Dynamic Island. Additionally, Discover card users in the United States and the United Kingdom will now have access to a Wallet feature. These features aim to provide added convenience and versatility to users within these regions.

Furthermore, iOS 17.1 boasts several bug fixes and improvements across various features. Enhancements have been made to AirDrop, music features, photo shuffle, screen time settings syncing, and keyboard responsiveness. These fixes aim to enhance the overall stability and performance of the operating system.

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Lastly, iOS 17.1 is expected to officially launch next week. Many Apple users are eagerly awaiting this update, which promises to bring exciting new features and improvements to their devices.

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