New nutrition advice for pregnant women: ‘Don’t eat too much soy’

You want to prevent it. You can simply do it without eating too much soy. However, there is no European advice on the maximum amount of this substance you should consume. However, France has now set a higher limit for its own population; The French government recommends that you do not consume more than 1 milligram per kilogram of body weight per day.

The Netherlands has decided to accept this upper limit for pregnant women. So where a higher limit in France applies to the whole population, only pregnant women in the Netherlands should pay attention to the amount of isoflavones they consume – mainly via soy products, in other words.

It is not recommended during pregnancy with so-called phytoestrogens because they contain high levels of isoflavones.

Avoid soy products?

However, that does not mean that pregnant women should (almost) stop eating soy; They can eat and drink a little bit of soy products every day. For example, a person weighing 64 kg can safely consume 310 grams of tofu or 230 grams of soybeans or 610 milliliters of soy yogurt.

Therefore, this advice is especially important for women who are vegetarian, follow a traditional South Asian diet, or are lactose intolerant and use many soy-based milk substitutes. They are more likely to exceed the newly established limit.

Folic acid

Most of the advice for pregnant women remains unchanged. For example, it is recommended not to drink alcohol and eat liver. Important things to look out for are taking folic acid and vitamin D.

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“This is not new, but many pregnant women do not do this or, for example, start taking folic acid too late,” the health council said. It advises women to take 400 micrograms of folic acid a day for four weeks before conception and continue until the tenth week of pregnancy.

Important advice is to pay more attention to hygiene, not to drink more than two cups of coffee a day, not to eat baked goods, not to eat fish twice a week, not to drink too much alcohol and some herbal teas. It is also important to have enough calcium, iodine and iron in your diet.

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