New on Netflix: 5 seasons of the hit series Superstore

Only the sixth season of the series is currently missing on the Netflix streaming service…

Good news for Netflix subscribers! From today, you can watch five seasons of the wonderful series Superstore on the broadcast service.
Superstore Let’s get to know the employees of the big Cloud 9 supermarket. The employees have to deal with all kinds of comedic situations that we as viewers can enjoy as well.

cloud 9
in the series Superstore We soon learn about the different personalities that Cloud 9 store employees have in St. Louis, USA. When the newcomer reports to the team, he immediately fails to make a good impression on Assistant Chief Dina.

At the moment, it only concerns the first five seasons of the series. Season 6 has already appeared in the US, but is currently missing on Netflix.

Despite the fact that the reviews were a little on the bad side at first, it must be said that the series does quite well. It’s not just that a lot of people have fans, including on the niche website IMDB I also got a good score of 7.8/10 at the time of writing.

Are you also curious to discover what this series has in store for you? Be sure to watch the trailer below or stream the series for yourself right away. From today Monday, September 20, 2021, it can be done in Netflix.

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