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Watching TipsNetflix announces new movies and series every week. In this column, we’re writing about the new show that’s coming to Netflix this week.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7

In the seventh season of hit sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine The team will face some major changes. Holt (Andre Prager) has been demoted from president to community official and has a lot of problems with that. Meanwhile, Jake (Andy Samberg) and Amy (Melissa Fumero) are trying to have a baby.

resentment – Season 4

Animation series resentment Season 3 closed with some great knitted tricks† With King Tzog no longer able to rule, Princess Bean was crowned as Queen, but her position immediately began to falter. In Season 4, we see it’s important to ensure that Ben is finally growing up.

Anna’s creation Season 1

The real series Anna’s creation It proves that you should take everything on Instagram with caution. We follow wealthy Anna Delphi (Julia Garner of Ozark) who has not only found success on Instagram, but is also among the New York social elite. Everywhere she goes, she leaves behind unpaid bills and more and more people doubt her story. Is she really an heiress or does she light things up?

love is blind – Season 2

This week also marked the start of the highly anticipated second season of reality love is blindA strange love experience. The first batch of new episodes is ready. at love is blind Candidates date each other without being able to see each other. If she clicks, they can propose her, and if she is accepted, they will go on vacation together. Then all the candidates meet, visit each other’s family, and decide if they want to remain married.

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tall girl 2

Judy (Ava Michele) is no longer the tall, insecure girl from the start a tall girl-film. She feels confident and even stars in a play. It takes a while to get used to being so plump in the spotlight, but a handsome opponent gives her a hand.

huge insect

In comedy sixth huge insectBy Amélie Principal, We’re in the Year 2050. Robots are everywhere and every human needs are met. When a group of fugitive AI stage a coup, the robots of Alice’s house trap her and her neighbors away. It quickly gets completely out of control.

Anne + can be watched worldwide on Netflix

As of today, the Dutch series Anne+ can also be watched worldwide. That’s why you can run the quiz below, and you’ll find all the new releases for this week under the quiz.

These movies and series also appeared on Netflix this week:

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