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Viewing TipsNetflix announces new movies and series every week. In this section we write about the new show that will appear on Netflix this week.


The Office – Seasons 1 to 9

Michael Scott (Steve Carell) is an ambitious director of a small office company. He tries to motivate his employees optimally with his own humor, but his colleagues are not really waiting for his antics. Scott is usually well-meaning, but his plans were pretty bad for everyone else.

Coleen in black and white

American soccer player Colin Kaepernick received much praise and criticism when he knelt before games to protest police brutality and discrimination against black Americans. It cost him his athletic career, but he became an icon of the anti-racist movement. How he came up with the idea can be seen in this dramatic documentary series. Young Kaepernick has to work twice as much at school as his white classmates.

The Witcher: A Look Inside the Episodes

The second season of this popular Netflix series begins on December 17th, but in this documentary series you’ll get a taste of it. The directors and heroes tell how the world of Geralt of Rivia was brought to life, with many behind-the-scenes images.


to retreat

A journalist investigates a strange series of accidents on an overpass. People move traffic cones and barriers to block the road, but this creates dangerous situations for other drivers. During her investigation, the journalist discovers that strange things are happening.

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thieves army

Master thief Ludwig Dieter was one of the most popular characters in Netflix hit Army of the Dead. In this prequel, zombies cause worldwide unrest, causing many banks to put their securities to safety. With all that money on the way, it’s time for the golden thieves to unite their businesses.

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