New PDC President Eddie Hearn is ambitious: “We are a long way from reaching our ceiling, especially internationally.”

The news came like a lightning bolt out of the blue last Tuesday. Barry Hearn resigned after twenty years as PDC chairman, and was succeeded by his son Eddie. The latter basically wants to build on his father’s success and allow the sport to grow further.

Eddie Hearn, 41, who owns PDC with Matchroom Sports, is providing text and caption at “First of all, I am very excited to be the Chairman of PDC, it is a great honor to take on the position of my father. My goal will be to make the sport of beautiful darts move in an upward direction, based on the work of my father and his team over the past 20 years.”

Limitless ambition

Hearn is ambitious indeed. “There is a lot to do with this sport internationally and I still feel that we are not yet at the limit in the UK,” says Hearn. CEO Matt Porter and his team have raised the bar for many years. to do that. They are the experts in this field, and I hope to add my commercial strength, ideas and relationships to make the organization better. “

Boxing as an example

In recent years, Hearn has focused mainly on boxing. Under his leadership, Matchroom Boxing is back on the top of the sport around the world. In 2018, he negotiated a landmark $ 1 billion deal with the live-streaming platform DAZN to stage 16 fights annually across America under Matchroom Boxing USA.

“In boxing, we have made a huge leap in the digital world in recent years to portray our athletes as real characters. Our goal is to realize that in darts. Darts are very unique because many players are working-class heroes.” This is what fans love and relate to. This sport is doing things the right way and we want to continue our global growth. We’ve already seen it explode in Germany and we want to do the same in other regions, ”Hearn said.

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