New plan for Hansweert locks: very relaxed, but cheap

It is planned to continue to repair the dilapidated canal locks. Fifteen years ago, for example, the idea for the then Village Councilor Wim Verbeem was Verbeem. The project includes a small camping site, a sculpture garden and an educational center. It was never carried out due to lack of money.

Alderman Keys Werberg says the latest designs from Landscape Architect de Goning have the best chance of success. “The system is very sober and we like to work,” Werberg explains. Verbim, the starter of the season, is also in the open evening. He does not wish to comment on recent projects, but announces that he will soon speak with the architect and project chairman of the municipality. “We can take some elements of his plans,” De Conning notes.

Currently there is little money for all kinds of extra items. The municipality of Reimerswaal wants to keep costs under control by riding with the Sheldestroman Water Board’s earthworks for dyke improvement. “The contractor should only drive with the soil once,” says Werberg. Therefore, reconstruction can be done at a relatively low cost. Werberg takes into account the cost of 300 300,000. “But in practice the tank will be more,” he predicts.

Information evening visitors at Kai Munk Village Hall responded by splitting up to the latest projects. Some look at the opportunities and make suggestions such as placing a closed seating area on the bank of the canal from which visitors can see the passing ships.

But at the same time there is skepticism. “It was never possible for three tons, not even the benefits that come from dyke development,” says local Ronald. Her fellow villager Rita adds: “Everything is beautiful, but what about maintenance? If you do not keep the water stagnant at the right time, it can cause odor and algae growth.” Because the locks are no longer attached to the western shield. “It will never come back,” landscape architect De Going must admit.

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Whatever happens to them in the end: the locks will never be seen working again. The rest are new opportunities with new functions for memory and lock premises of the past.

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