New Pony Competition: Dutch Pony Championship

Last year, a group of high-quality sports ponies enthusiasts gathered to fight for the Young Dutch Colts Championship. Through a valuable collaboration between the three major sports horse books, there will finally be a full competition this year: the Dutch Junior Dressage and Pony Jumping Championships, the Dutch Pony Championships.

“We are very proud that we have succeeded in getting breeders and horse writers excited about our position that Dutch sport foals deserve a championship,” said Lars Pronk, President of the Dutch Pony Championship Foundation. “It has been years since such a competition has been held for young ponies and we have been very sorry for it. After all, the Netherlands have great, high-quality ponies, with looks, movement and personality that stand out in the sport. And everyone should know that!”

Three books co-writers

The three major sport horse breeding books, Dutch New Forest Pony Studbook (NNFPS), Dutch Welsh Pony and Cob Studbook (NWPCS), and Dutch Riding Horses and Pony Studbook (NRPS) are behind the Dutch Pony Championships. In their regional inspections, the playoffs take place, with a final buzz at the end of the summer.

The link between sports and education

Bronk, other council and genealogy books watch the Dutch pony tournament, the event where jockeys, owners, and breeders come together. Where the link between sports and education!

more information

Reserve the Dutch Pony Championship website: For more information, news and tips to prepare (the pony) well for this competition.

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