New recycling park in Boechout has plenty of space for skaters (Boechout)

Old covered recycling center. © Philip Spoilers


The new recycling park is located in Vremdesesteenweg, where the existing park will be completely renovated. In one attempt, this site will have 1,900 square meters of ski area.

Philip Spoilers

A renovation of the recycling park next to Sneppenbos Sports Park is badly needed, according to Municipal Council Member for Environment and Sustainability, Kris Swaegers (Groen). “The access road is old, the gates are worn out and the electricity needs to be adjusted. Workers in the covered barn are fussy with dust and polluted air. Customers have to go up and down stairs to leave their green waste in a bin, which is very inconvenient. There is also a lot of unused space.”

Ski area

During the works, a 1,900 square meter concrete ski area will be constructed on the site. “There are more and more skiers and snowboarders in our municipality who are looking for a challenging place to practice their sport. This location in Vremdesesteenweg, between Boechout and Vremde, is perfect. We can turn it into a ski area that can be reached safely by bike. The ski area can be set up quickly. We’ve already gone through a sharing process with Boechoutse skaters for installation. We know what they want,” says Youth Alderman Els Augustinus (pro).

Payment to Igean

If all goes according to plan, work will begin in September 2023 so that the recycling park can open in the spring of 2024. This renovation and laying the foundation for the ski area cost 1.8 million euros, of which 225 thousand euros will be subsidized. Igean pays the other 1,575,000 euros so that the municipality pays annual bills, about 80,000 euros, to Igean for waste treatment over a twenty-year period. The municipality itself is investing in the construction of the skate park.

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