New research on the approach to quay walls Geerix

The municipality’s contractor speaks, wants to drill foundation piles to fix the walls and filter out Ode Haven. As a result, dozens of iconic lime trees will disappear, and residents fear their homes will be destroyed.

‘Suggestions are ignored’

TU Delft – This one Second comment Asked – Positive about the contractor’s attitude, but came up with suggestions. Residents are now accusing the municipality of ignoring an important part of the consultation.

Punt, the leader of the CDA party, says he can well imagine the concerns of locals. “I do not know if those concerns are justified in the end, but we can not rule out all risks at this time. And, of course, there must be support.”

The CDA will therefore announce the submission of an amendment. TU Delft wants to do research on a reconstruction technique that can be considered a passable road. “Such a study requires four seasons, so a year. It gives us the opportunity to compile a good risk file and map out the best participation process with residents.”

According to Bunt, the amendment has been agreed with the coalition partners. “I mean it has a majority.” Because of this amendment, the final decision on the restoration of Ude Haven’s walls can only be made after next year’s municipal elections. “Actually, it’s a decision,” Bunt admits, “but not a premeditated plan.”

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