New sanctions on Russia approaching • More EU countries are expelling Russian diplomats

European countries once again expelled dozens of Russian diplomats and employees of the Russian embassy. These are Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, and the European Union in Brussels. Earlier today, Russian diplomats in Spain, Denmark, Sweden and Italy were expelled.

Slovenia is expelling 33 of the 41 Russian diplomats. The Slovenes say they lodged a “strong protest” to the Russian ambassador and expressed “dissatisfaction” with the drama in Potja. In Romania, ten Russian diplomats have to leave the country. There is also an indication that more than 300 civilians were killed in Bucha, a suburb of Kyiv. Romania strongly condemns the crimes committed in Butea and elsewhere in Ukraine for which Russia bears responsibility.

The European Union’s foreign affairs chief, Borrell, announced that the European Union will expel 19 diplomats from the Russian mission to the European Union in Brussels. According to him, the Russians engaged in activities incompatible with their diplomatic status.

In Portugal, ten embassy staff have to leave. It’s not about employees with diplomatic status, says the Lisbon Foreign Ministry. “The Portuguese government reiterates its strong and firm condemnation of the Russian aggression on Ukrainian territory,” the ministry said.

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