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Barnifield Having left the former building of the coolCat children’s clothing store on Jan van Schaffelaarstraat, Art Collective Barneveld artists find a new shop window: in the empty Juul and Juultje store on the Nieuwstraat.

In the new window, collective artworks can be viewed for free 24 hours a day. The main theme of the exhibition is “Space”. “Space in the broadest sense of the word: a place to display art, a place to occupy, a work that occupies space and thus provides space for old or new ideas,” according to the group.

Due to the short setup, only the work of previous participants in the open studio can be seen in the new shop window. Over the past year and a half, eight artists and a varying number of guest artists have been working on their artwork in the former CoolCat building, while interested parties can come in with questions about what and how the artists are doing. This initiative addressed the National Art Week that Barnifield Art Group has held in the past four years. It happened in Torenplein in a glass tent. Artists participating in the Ruimte Shop Window Gallery are Manuel Ponsadeger, Julia Borsboom, Ton van Dien, Henk Derricksen, Juke Verwerda, Jan Hinch, Everett Schimmel, Wilma van den Tob and Wijnand Thomassen.

Art Collective invites new artists to the following exhibitions. We are still looking for new people. Interested parties can contact [email protected] with some photos of their work and some accompanying text about its creation.

CoolCat building is being renovated. The upper floor of the former clothing store will be converted into apartments, and the ground floor will be divided into two separate retail properties.

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