New Single Babe Rainbow – “Your Imagination” (Achievement. Jaden)

At first glance, an Australian mental folk band and 22-year-old Hollywood hip-hop artist seem like an impossible mix. Nevertheless it is one of the best surprises of 2021. Babe Rainbow with Angus Dowling, Jack Grother, Elliott O’Reilly and Miles Mijawak and Jaden Smith have found each other linguistically and figuratively. While this may seem like a strange collaboration, it is not an unthinkable collaboration. Smith has already adopted the Psychedelic 60s style from the band on his latest album CD3: Cool Tape Volume 3. A project that comes on its own as a test page for the versatile LA artist. After hearing “Us and the Rainbow,” the American musician sent an Instagram message to the Australian band, bringing this latest work to life.

“Your Imagination” is the third single released on Babe Rainbow’s fourth studio album. Changing colors, It will be released on May 14th. After the bizarre “JeetGest” and the dreamy “The Wind” you can describe the new song as a soft song with light guitar sounds and a rhythm that stays with you. It’s a song that can go like a lullaby, but one with a wonderful daydream melody, aided by the American singer’s spoken phrases that will immediately stop you as the world spins. Spoken phrases may seem inappropriate, but they provide an attractive endorsement that will leave you wanting more.

The song has a fitting retro video that was filmed in both Australia and the United States without Govt. Blonde Aussies enjoy their enviable lifestyle in the countryside, with Smith playing his guitar casually on the other side of the world in a well-known place of his previous music videos. Different locations have benefited since Babe Rainbow began work on his upcoming fourth studio album at the end of their US tour Changing colors. It will be released on Eureka Records, Flightless Records and AWAL, and will daydream more psychedelic West Coast sounds with a mix of Australian tones from Byron Bay. Letting ‘our fantasies’ run wild, we are already looking forward to the latest album with this “your fantasy” that warms up like the sun in their latest video clip.

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