New Single Carrot Cut – “Pharmacy Homes”

Singer-songwriter and producer Garrett Cato is known for his sweet indie folk music. The genre also features in his new single “Pharmacy Homes”. The song is about growing up in a village where there is nothing but boredom and trouble. Garrett Cato grew up in Canada and later moved to Australia to pursue his music career. The song was co-written by Australian singer-songwriter Riley Pierce, with whom Garrett Cato toured Europe in 2019. The two became good friends, and for this new solo, they explored their nostalgic past and compared what they grew up with in Canada and Western Australia.

“Pharmacy Homes” begins with a quiet guitar that soon comes with the same quiet voice of Carret Cotto. During the chorus, the melody gives the second voice extra softness. The song feels very nostalgic throughout and the lyrics also contribute to this: ‘Remember the time we stole the key to the van’. Garrett Kato’s new single, it strikes the desired nerves and creates the perfect cozy atmosphere during a dark winter evening.


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