New Single Malody – “Hyperreal”

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Sometimes you don’t need much to impress us. Malody have a very small discography, but the London quartet have already won a coveted place in our hearts with some of their released singles. We don’t think it will take long for the band’s popularity to grow, as the men can count on Wet Leg, who are hugely popular with their fans, and open for the ladies during a sold-out UK tour. Because the British are so good, it would be very unfair if Maladi gets too much attention. And that’s proven again with his latest single, “Hyperreal”!

“Hyperreal” Malody shows a slightly different side than before. The song lacks the pointed social critique of the first single, “London, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down,” and the energy level of this latest song is a little lower than it was back in the day. “Famous Last Words” And “Round the Bend”. That doesn’t mean the song is deceiving us. “Hyperreal” opens a bit smaller than what we’re used to from Malady, but soon explodes nicely. The combination of the dark electronic beat and light rave influence we’ve heard before and the repetitive chorus make the single stick easily in our heads. A great song to lose yourself on a dark dance floor, this “Hyperreal”!

Maladi’s debut EP will be released next week, All pressure is not diamondsUnfortunately, humans have yet to announce when that will be.

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