New Snow Condition, Eye-catching Lindsay van Zundert and Two Men, Bob

bobsleigh Janko Vranjic and helmsman Ivo De Bruyne during a training session in Beijing.ANP . image

Dutch at work:

Snowboarding, Big Air, Male, Qualifiers: 06.30-08.45

With: Nick van der Velden

bobsleigh, pop heat for 2 people 1 & 2: 13.05-15.45

With: Evo De Bruyne, Jelen Franjic

Wei Ling in Beijing

It’s snowing in Beijing. It can’t be a coincidence, as a good listener in China knows. Is this snow made to order, delivered by the famous weather effects bureau of the China Meteorological Service?

Eye-catching: snowboarder Lindsey van Zandert

After 46 years, another figure skater participates in the Olympic Games, 17-year-old Lindsay Van Zandert. She can sink her teeth into the sport like no other, as her distant predecessor who participated in in 1956 and 1960 learned from her own experience.

Dutch Gold: The Life Work of Coach Jeroen Otter

For nearly two decades, short-track coach Jeroen Otter has attempted Olympic success in the relay, the king’s number in his sport. On Sunday, four of his drivers finally won the gold. With help from above: Lara van Roygven.

An Olympic Fairy Tale: Erin Jackson

Not eligible for Beijing, but there is still a good work thanks to a friend. Erin Jackson received an Olympic starting ticket from Brittany Beau and won the gold in the 500m in return. The first African American.

Medals Ranking

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