New technology allows self-driving cars to see through buildings

Australian researchers have developed a new technique that allows self-driving cars to be seen by pedestrians and cyclists, even if they are hidden behind buildings or vehicles.

New technology allows self-driving cars to see through buildings

Now it looks like new sensors have been developed, they can all look like Superman, but this is a little different. Researchers in Australia, along with two large mobility companies, have developed a system that allows a car to use data collected by other vehicles and transportation systems.

A common ‘language’ must be developed so that all of those different types of data can produce a clear message about the traffic situation, develop the right algorithms and test for three years. Both road simulations and tests were used for this.

Is it safe and cheap?

Three years later, researchers are now convinced that the system improves road safety. They also think they can build cheap self-driving cars. After all, the computer is not (only) dependent on its own sensors, so they have to be much less advanced (and therefore more expensive). It also means working on cars driven by humans. For that you need a modern car, but not a self-driving super car.

In the future, they will see if this system can be further improved. Of course, an unlimited amount can be added: information from traffic lights, data about the speed of other road users and the behavior of goods.

Read the final report here: Development and demonstrations of cooperative spirit for connected and automated vehicles.

For those who have time: The full webinar on new technology (75 minutes) is here:

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